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Franchise Services

FRG devotes a large part of its practice to representing franchise companies in national and international expansion, which include: the delivery of franchise, corporate, real estate, and trademark services. In addition to representing many large franchise systems, the firm helps smaller companies plan and launch new franchise programs.

As part of its devotion to franchise
and distribution clients, FRG:

Develops, reviews, and analyzes international and domestic franchise programs and other growth strategies.
Prepares all legal documents, including franchise disclosure documents.
Keeps disclosure statements updated as required.
Obtains and maintains state and federal registrations as required.
Negotiates contracts with franchisees.
Counsels franchisors on franchise renewals, transfers, and terminations.
Settles franchisee disputes.
Provides mediation, arbitration, and litigation services.
Provides federal and state agency administrative representation.

In addition to assisting companies in launching franchise programs, the firm also represents individuals and entities purchasing individual unit franchises, area development rights, or distribution rights.

The members of FRG have been practicing in the area of franchise law since 1984, and we have been a member of the International Franchise Association’s Council of Franchise Suppliers since 1984.

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